Minehead Harbour Pleasure Boat Fees & Charges - 2021-2022

Slipway Fees at Minehead Harbour

Annual £162.75

Weekly £43.80

Daily £13.15

Harbour fees for annual kayak launch - junior under 16/full £43.80/£54.60

Daily kayak launch - junior under 16 £3.70, full £4.75

Leisure mooring fees (per metre or part of metre)

Annual (Permanent moorings only) £49.00

Weekly £16.30

Half day £11.10

full day £16.30

Commercial mooring fee (per metre or part of metre)

Annual (permanent mooring only) £75.70

Flat administration fee for transfer between moorings £63.00

For all harbour enquiries for Minehead harbour and Watchet outer harbour. Please contact the harbour master email c.butler@somersetwestandtaunton.gov.uk or Tel: 0779 945 6128